Environmental Policy

https://atobtransfer.com/hungary/taxi-from-budapest-airport-to-city-centre/The ASP Group is committed to responsible environmental management Policy in our all services. The overall protection and improvement of the environment is a prime consideration behind all ASP Group activities. ASP Group is committed to helping clients exceed their environmental sustainability goals through the continuous improvement of cleaning and related practices.

In conjunction with government, suppliers, clients and relevant industry bodies, ASP Group will continually promote service innovations that reduce energy consumption, improve internal air quality,implement design plans for minimising waste by facilitating the recycling and re use of materials, including water and organic matter (food) etc

ASP Group will consider sustainability issues during the planning and management of all activities, promote and encourage environmental awareness and training to ensure all employees are aware of their environmental responsibilities. Implement risk minimization strategies that comply with local, state and federal legislation with a view to achieving environmental best practise.

Develop a thorough companywide environment management plan specifying operational objectives and their KPI’s and design strategies to achieve these. Monitor and report on our performance against the key indicators described in the ASP Group Environmental management plan. Support community and industry projects that promote environmental initiatives, encourage environmental awareness and seek solutions to ‘green problems’ strive to influence the practices of other organisations in cleaning, equipment supplies, and education, industrial, healthcare and commercial markets.